Dennis Hoefakker

Lead developer


My name is Dennis, the one and only at ValueBlue…

Im 43 years old since December. I’m from the Rotterdam area. I live between Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel and Zevenhuizen, on that side of Rotterdam. Married, 2 children, a 12-year-old girl who has just started high school and a son of eight. We watch quite a few TV series, I exercise regularly, I like good food, especially meat and sushi. But hey, time. When the kids are in bed we watch a series and then we’re out of time.

I don’t like working 9 to 5. I just have a lot to do, both for ValueBlue and myself. I also develop software for my own company 1 day a week. So that also swallows up my time. At this company they like that entrepreneurial attitude, they give you the freedom to act on it as well. I like that kind of mentality.

Because the product is unique

In the past I worked at Brainforce (before VAI). Wilko (Visser) also worked there. He left Brainforce, went to Atos and then in 2011 he started ValueBlue. Some people from Brainforce then went to Wilko, including myself. I have been working at ValueBlue since 2011.

This company is unique, because first of all the product is unique. In addition, many good people work here and you can do what you like. And if you no longer like what you are doing, you get the possibility to see if there is another job within the company that you like. I’m not ambitious to do anything else, I still enjoy what I am doing at ValueBlue. In 2011 I was the only developer. Now, with the enormous growth, we have several and I do a little less development and a little more other stuff within the development team.

If you want something, you can achieve it!

This company is not focused on how many hours you’re in the office, but is much more result-oriented. There is no time clock here. I don’t think anyone at the office will be happy when I am stuck in traffic for two hours every day. I know I won’t. Then I’d rather work from home or arrive after the traffic jam. As long as the results are good. That kind of freedom and the fact that you can do what you enjoy here makes this a special company.

Where will this company be in five years? I think we want to become market leader. Whether we’ll achieve that, depends on a number of things, but I am on the principle if you want something, you can achieve that. If the right people take the right steps and everyone makes his or her contribution, then it should be fine. We have the product for it.

I don’t have a quote or motto. I am not such a quote-man, I often think it’s a bit blabla. I think you should do the things that you like and not postpone. Sometimes I hear someone say “I want to make a nice trip in five years”. But why not now? If you get hit by a bus tomorrow,  You’ll never have that change again. If you want to do something, you go and do it. Oh wait, maybe I do have a motto…