Data modeling

Dive deeper in your data with BlueDolphin

Which data is used and where? How is information exchanged between applications and the outside world? Due to the large number of applications and people who all process data in their own way, data is one of the least tangible components within the organization. Yet data is a source of gold. As soon as you merge data from different systems into management information, opportunities for improvement in strategy, business operations and cost reduction emerges. Thanks to data modeling organizations truly understand and influence their data.

The single source of truth for company data

With BlueDolphin’s Data Module, organizations have a user-friendly platform at their disposal which provides insight into data storage and processing. Meaningful data elements and data structures are defined and connected in BlueDolphin. The platform then connects these data objects to the process, application and infrastructure landscapes of the organization. This provides insight in how data flows run, where data initially comes from (‘system of record’) and what the value of this data is for business operations. The Data Module ensures accessible, efficient, secure and valuable data management.

Data modeling

BlueDolphin: Data viewed from every angle 

BlueDolphin builds you a “Data Dictionary” that allows you to control all important data, regardless of its location: from database to data warehouse and the Cloud. The platform centralizes administration and gives stakeholders an integrated view of conceptual, logical and physical models. BlueDolphin is user-friendly, making it possible for information to be processed or consulted by both business and technical users within organizations. In this way, organization-wide and truth-based choices are made. 

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Bluedolphin Data Module infosheet

Data Modeling whitepaper

Process information is often supported by applications. The information is recorded as data in administration systems and the required knowledge comes from data through information systems.

Architecture management, process management, and data management in one platform

Why do data modeling with BlueDolphin

BlueDolphin is the only platform that fully integrates data modeling with business architecture, business process modeling, application portfolio management, risk & compliance management, infrastructure architecture and more areas of work. The full integration between these different area’s of work enables you to visualize the value of data for the organization, so that decisions around data can be based on actual impact on the organization.

The BlueDolphin Data Module integrates seamlessly with both the BlueDolphin Architecture Module and the Process Module. In this way, the organization determines which stakeholders are responsible for what. This is then related to business processes, data flows and IT systems, creating a coherent data management system and governance structure. The impact of changes and designs is also assessed from different perspectives. Insight into data flows, processes and storage provides analysis capabilities in the areas of application integration, data security, quality management and Master Data Management. Finally, data is an essential link in the completeness of process models, which determine the value of information for the organization.