Business Process Management

Business Process Management Software for Optimizing and Controlling Business Processes

Processes are the heart of any organization and affect the quality of products and services alike. This makes it important to properly record them, providing organizations insight into results. It is efficient and effective to store information centrally, with sources exchanging information instead of existing parallel to each other. With the interaction and gathering of sources, an organization may prevent data from ‘floating’. Centralization links various file types to the right process information.

BlueDolphin: The SaaS solution for optimal Business Process Management

The Business Process Management Module in BlueDolphin is constructed around logic, centralization and visualization. It centralizes work processes and procedures. Whether described in Word, Visio, a HR system or Excel; information is arranged logically. Our connectivity framework for integration brings sources together in BlueDolphin. With the Business Process Management Module, organizations have access to a high-end system to create graphical representations, whereby each process step is linked to supporting IT resources. BlueDolphin therefore creates workplace security, management and workplace insight, stimulating coordination and collaboration.

BlueDolphin BPM

A visual says more than a thousand words

What is Business Process Management?

BPM controls and manages employee activities in such a way that business processes are aimed at achieving organizational goals. These goals may be improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, quality, customer orientation or innovation. Realizing these goals requires more than just control: organizations are heavily dependent on IT to achieve them. BPM focuses on the documentation, improvement, and automation of business processes. It provides insight into the relationships between processes, the coherence between information sources, the processing of data and weaknesses in the workflow. In addition, BPM takes into account all organizational aspects. For example, the complete insight that BPM software creates is based on communication, organization, financial, personal, IT and legal aspects. Subsequently, business operations are improved and made more transparent, primary organizational goals are maximally supported, and manual actions are automated.

Unique Features

Manageable Organization

More insight into changes and improvements, allowing changes to be implemented faster. Thanks to BlueDolphin, every process within the organization is easily and factually described.

Modelling and Visualization in BPMN Standard

Business Process Modelling Notation forms the international standard for modelling business processes. BlueDolphin users work in accordance with this standard. As a result, consistency is quickly established in and between business processes.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

BlueDolphin functions as the central repository for governance and risk documentation. Impact analyses and compliance reports for regulations such as ISO and the GDPR are generated and shared with the correct stakeholders.

Images say more than…

BlueDolphin supports various forms of visualization, whereby users benefit from a user-friendly interface that emphasizes important information.

Insight Into Critical Business Processes

BlueDolphin provides insight into who performs which specific tasks, potential risks and possible control measures. This allows for the reduction of errors and increase of efficiency.

Minimal investment, maximum profit

With BlueDolphin for Business Process Management, organizations can improve their business processes and benefit accordingly. Statistics show that the quality of business operations grows the more the use of BlueDolphin within an organization increases. For this reason, our pricing model allows for an unlimited number of users. We believe customers should be able to get the most out of a minimum investment.

We ensure organizations can always count on our support, allowing them to optimally benefit from BlueDolphin. For example, several of our customers take advantage of our analysis and advice or support with the implementation of BlueDolphin. Finally, we facilitate a variety of training courses, master classes and user days, providing organizations with an insightful source of information about business processes and IT.