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Business processes rely heavily on IT. You’d think there are measures in place to coordinate these processes, but actually the opposite is true: in practice, many processes are not optimally supported by IT and there’s little collaboration. According to research firm Gartner, eighty percent of malfunctions in applications are the result of errors caused by change. Changes to IT cause misunderstanding in the workplace. If one work process changes, it has a knock-on effect on IT and your applications. Processes, applications, data and infrastructure are inextricably linked. Moreover, a lack of coherence causes a proliferation of data and applications.

All modeling languages in one platform

BlueDolphin is an ideal SaaS solution that smartly takes advantage of information and knowledge within the organization. Business processes and IT are fully coordinated with each other in a single platform. BlueDolphin allows different input sources to be brought together into a core principle that is supported company wide. As a result, individual silos will start working together, innovations will be tracked, transformations will succeed, and strategic change will be planned and implemented.

Unique Features


Link to sources and simply update.


Linking to sources and easy update process

Knowledge exchange

Big Data technology supports sharing of knowledge between organizations

User Friendly

Supports collaboration on strategic, tactical and operational level


An unlimited number of users thanks to a simple licensing model


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BlueDolphin has everything to do with making connections and fun is also in our vocabulary. So it is only logical that we share our knowledge on making connections and everything else we know.

Whitepapers overview

Thanks to BlueDolphin, thousands of employees within organizations such as the Municipality of Amsterdam, Unit4, and Heijmans have been able to bridge the gap between business and IT. Users are able to gain insight into their organization’s business and IT components and how these are related to each other. BlueDolphin describes, visualizes and improves processes. The application environment is consistently mapped, allowing users to determine the impact of changes. Applications are connected to people and processes. In fact, enthusiasm among our customers grows the more the collaborative use of BlueDolphin within their organizations increases, something we’re particularly proud of. The annual BlueDolphin User Day and reference stories provide a good insight into our customers’ enthusiasm.


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