Application Portfolio Management

Companies consist of various departments and business activities. In particular organizations that have grown are confronted with an uncontrolled growth of valuable applications that sometimes have overlapping functionalities. At that moment, an organization uses more applications than necessary to work effectively.

Organizations with an excess of applications have more difficulty setting a course and responding to changing market needs. Essential changes are overlooked, redundant applications are being paid for, and usually, the competition’s lead only increases. This makes Application Portfolio Management so important to every organization that is interested in innovation, cost management and the improvement of business processes.

The Result of Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management assesses, rationalizes and optimizes an organization’s entire application portfolio. Instead of spending time and money on running and maintaining redundant applications, the number of redundant applications and related costs are minimized. Moreover, thanks to Application Portfolio Management, every IT investment will be coordinated with the company strategy. The IT landscape becomes less complex and is provided with up-to-date technology. This allows you to create possibilities to change quickly and efficiently, especially when each dimension within the organization has access to the application portfolio.

Application Portfolio Management

Clarity with Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management  creates insight into the entire application portfolio within the organization, making it easy to discover which applications are valuable and which are redundant. By asking questions like the ones below, the costs can be decreased, and the entirety becomes less complex.

  • Which investment are we going to make?
  • How long will we keep the application up and running?
  • Can the number of objects to be managed be reduced?
  • Does it become clear that applications overlap in terms of functionality?
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BlueDolphin’s Solution to Improve the Application Landscape

With BlueDolphin, every organization has the perfect solution available to visualize the application portfolio in terms of costs, risks, business value, technical value, and business alignment. The tool allows organizations to make fast and smart choices together and to optimize the application portfolio. Applications are analyzed in the architectural context due to which the desired situation is planned, shared, and executed. With BlueDolphin, every person involved takes into account dependencies, the impact of a change, and the advantages of more effective planning and expenses related to digital transformation become visible.

Application Portfolio Management

Applicatie Portfolio Management Whitepaper

How important is a clearly and effectively arranged Application Portfolio landscape? Very important, especially to gain insight into the IT and application environment. Download the whitepaper and find out how you get there in three steps with BlueDolphin.

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