Our story

ValueBlue provides control over IT services in order to improve business processes. In an open culture, we work together as a team on one common goal: ensuring our customers gain insight into the coherence and simplification of IT environments.

Why? Because IT environments are often complex and opaque, even though organizations depend on the functionality and efficiency of the application landscape and the information provision they facilitate. We believe this can be significantly improved; we particularly want to improve IT management. ValueBlue provides insight and innovative solutions, improving trust in business and IT.

It’s simple really: we want to give organizations insight, allow them to look to the future and make major contributions to ensure optimal business operations. This is precisely why we collaborate. Very successfully, in fact.

3 reasons why to do business with us


Working at and with ValueBlue… makes people excited! We are always of value to our customers, create opportunities and take responsibility. All because we simply enjoy the job we do. Our business temperament is inextricably linked to the external enthusiasm of our customers.


Solving complex problems with accessible products and services, which promote cooperation and understanding between disciplines: within customer organizations, partners and ValueBlue itself. We always aim to keep things simple and therefore invest a great part of our turnover in the development of products and services that make this possible.

Fun Business Partners

Experiencing the power of collaboration and taking responsibility for the results that matter. Effectively solving visible problems. It all gets us excited.

In 2011, Wilko Visser launched our beautiful company ValueBlue. His ambition? Supporting organizations to gain insight in IT and business processes, all to guarantee and boost success. This is how the idea to develop a software system arose. The first version of BlueDolphin was brought to market in 2014. Subsequently, the software’s features are significantly expanded, all on the basis of a road map closely coordinated with customers.

Early 2017 sees the release of a ‘Business Process Management’ (BPM) module for BlueDolphin. Thanks to partners such as Conclusion, IT Value, Macaw, Snow, Comparex and Microsoft, the number of customers grows impressively. We are especially proud of the growing enthusiasm among customers, which only increases the more they use BlueDolphin.

Today, we have shifted our sights to Germany and we notice that many other European and North American organizations are becoming curious about our story as well.

The future? Our energy, knowledge and the degree to which we trust in ourselves shall undoubtebly ensure that ValueBlue will become the leading brand for large companies looking for solutions to optimize business operations supported by improved IT insight.