A peek in the ValueBlue kitchen #1

On a regular basis we add new features to BlueDolphin, in order to keep our product up to date, but also to make BlueDolphin even more user friendly and to intensify the usage. Sometimes a new feature is added because BlueDolphin users had a great idea. And even if it seems impossible, our development team will make it happen.

It is always exciting to release new features of BlueDolphin! Behind the scenes a lot of colleagues are involved in a new release. How that works at ValueBlue? Shyamly, one of our Quality Assurance Officers gives a peek in the ValueBlue kitchen.

In the last release, we created the possibility of adding conditional colors to objects and questionnaires. Besides that the BlueDolphin tour for new users is live. Furthermore, the notification bell and the changes in z-ordering feature provides enormous opportunities for our customers. Hence, furnished a lot of traits in one release.

As QA-officers, we are involved from the very first moment when the new functionalities are being presented. It is expected from us to give feedback and ask critical questions during the refinement sessions. Based on inputs, the prototype is ameliorated. And finally the feature gets approved to start work on.

We got a lot of happy messages after the latest release

When it is approved, developers start developing and simultaneously QAs start with test designing and consequently test case preparation. During test designing, we need to consider end-to-end testing that includes functional, non-functional, portability, multiple browser support, database changes, reporting and performance testing. A thorough end-to-end testing of the entire system takes place to analyze the impact. Therefore, proficient analytical skills play an important role in being a QA. 😊

We test until we are ready because being an Agile environment, we must be geared up for the important changes coming on the fly. But as they say, “The best teamwork comes from people who are working independently towards one goal in unison.”  Correspondingly, I can proudly say that we have a great and hardworking team behind the scenes which makes everything go fuss-free.

The moment of deployment is always exciting. And when everything goes well, we give each other a (virtual) high five. Especially it feels great when you receive appreciations from clients and consultants. In the latest release, we got a lot of happy messages, so that made us very proud.”

Do you want to know more about BlueDolphin and new releases? Take a look at our roadmap or contact us, we’ll gladly explain.