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Empowering organizations to improve every day


BlueDolphin is the accessible, easy to maintain and visually attractive platform for Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management. One central platform with all information relevant to knowledge workers in the business and IT.

Working together on Business and IT

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management for the entire organization.

Real-time Collaboration.

Collaborate on architecture objects and plates real time online and model very fast according to ArchiMate in one central repository. View example

Easy configuration.

Create BPMN 2.0 plates in no time without complex configuration, and fully integrate them with your architectural models. View example

Configurable Questionnaires.

Quickly record information about applications, processes and departments using easily configurable questionnaires. Understandable for every stakeholder! View example

Reports and data visualization.

Easily visualize captured information from any perspective with comprehensive reporting and color views and make it easily accessible with innovative navigation structures.

Import previously collected data.

Much information about your organization has already been recorded somewhere. BlueDolphin connects with existing systems within your organization, automatically reads templates and has an AMEFF import functionality. This way you quickly and automatically have an up-to-date repository.

User friendly for beginners and experts.

Work together with colleagues in one central repository with all information about business & IT. BlueDolphin offers an unlimited user model, without thresholds for collaboration and makes the information understandable for both experts and users.


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BlueDolphin has everything to do with making connections and fun is also in our vocabulary. So it is only logical that we share our knowledge on making connections and everything else we know.

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The release of new BlueDolphin features, trends and developments in the digital business transformation.

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Our work

We are proud to contribute to the success of business management and IT at various organizations such as banks, government agencies, school communities, insurers, healthcare institutions, construction cooperatives and energy suppliers.


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