The Enterprise Architecture platform for the agile age

Accelerate your business transformation based on data and insights with BlueDolphin.

BlueDolphin helps business and IT harmonize perfectly for successful digital transformation

Speed up transformation
With stronger collaboration and a shared repository

Minimize risk
With impact analysis and better governance

Maximize business impact
With clear project prioritization


BlueDolphin is the Enterprise SaaS Tool for Agile Business Transformation. Deliver more effective and efficient digital transformation projects with the collaboration platform for Enterprise IT landscapes.


Easily prioritize projects based on strategic objectives and map your IT capabilities against organizational needs and objectives. Identify weaknesses and overlapping projects. Build a transformation roadmap. 


Start projects quicker and improve collaboration between agile teams and architects. Enjoy better efficiency with up-to-date views of processes, data, infrastructure and applications that everyone can work with. Balance guidance with agility through ‘just enough’ architecture. 


Stay nimble with continuous optimization. Monitor project progress, spend, risk and impact based on accurate data and enhanced insights.

Central repository

Create a shared overview of your processes, data, applications and infrastructure. Understand how they link together, and how they support your business capabilities and business objectives.



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The release of new BlueDolphin features, trends and developments in the digital business transformation.

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ValueBlue are market leaders in Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation. Our SaaS platform, BlueDolphin, brings Agile Business Transformation to the fingertips of CIOs and Enterprise Architects across the globe.


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